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Start a Human Rights Club

We're so glad you're interested in starting your own Human Rights Club! 


We’re also thrilled to announce our partnership with the students of the Delphian School, a co-educational private boarding school in Sheridan, Oregon. The Delphian School’s human rights club is almost 20 years old so they have a ton of experience creating fun and meaningful activities for kids of all ages.


Our goal is to provide you all the support and resources to make it easy and fun for you and your club members, and the Delphian School Human Rights Club has agreed to act as peer-to-peer mentors for anyone who’d like to start a club at their school!


Check out the video below to hear what they have to say:

To get things started, please answer the following questions:


First Name

Last Name




Are you going to be the sponsor for the Human Rights Club? If not, or if there is a co-sponsor, please list the name(s), email(s) and phone number(s) for anyone who will be in charge:

Youth for Human Rights, our partner in this effort, has an annual summit at the United Nations in New York City. Kids travel from all over the world to participate. Would you like more info about this so that some or all of your Human Rights Club members might attend?

We will be sending a banner to hang at events and activities as well as a set of 6 T-shirts along to you to use as prizes or rewards for the people who are the most active in the group. Please list out which size(s) you'd prefer for these shirts.

Thank you very much for your help getting this Human Rights Club started! We’re excited to work with you and make this fun and interesting for you and your club members!

Thank you! You'll hear back from us shortly.

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