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About R4HR

Who We Are

A non-profit organization partnering with musicians to educate audiences about human rights.


What We Do

Tour the US (and soon other countries) on a bus that is the vehicle (literally) whereby musicians spread the word about human rights with compelling live performances and simple booklets that explain the 30 universal human rights in plain English. R4HR works with musicians, corporate sponsors and like-minded charities to educate and empower audiences with the basics of human rights education and give them a few key actionable steps to become causative over the area.


What We Produce

A fully funded touring effort to reach out to, educate and spur into action as diverse and large an audience as possible through the music of a varied and ever-expanding group of like-minded musicians.


Help Us

The ultimate goal is to have the R4HR bus out on the road 365 days a year with funding coming from corporate sponsorship, private donations and income associated with live performances & merchandising.


After the human rights atrocities of World War II, the world’s nations came together under the guidance of Eleanor Roosevelt to draft the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For the first time, the international community had a formalized agreement on the basic rights to which every human being is entitled regardless of age, gender, race or location.

Yet, more than 60 years beyond the passing of this historic document, human rights abuses remain a stark and unfortunate reality around the world. Most people do not have an understanding of their basic human rights, and fewer still have even heard of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Indeed, the first step towards making human rights a reality is raising awareness that these rights and agreements actually exist.


Throughout the tour, R4HR will engage audiences with the message of human rights through compelling visual displays, video presentations, educational booklets, and awareness-raising performances; all the while shooting an innovative documentary called “Know Your Rights”.

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