Human Right Number Nine

No Unfair Detainment

Nobody has the right to put us in prison without good reason and keep us there, or to send us away from our country.

Discussion Topics

Have you ever been grounded or gotten detention for something that you did not actually do? Do you know anyone that that has happened to? Take a look at what that feels like. 


(*Note, sometimes the students may just be making excuses or it can be hard to hear if say you knew the person who sent them to detention. This is OK. Just let them talk and discuss their thoughts on it. Try to keep them thinking with times when they actually did nothing but got in trouble anyways.)


After hearing a few of these stories discuss with them why this human right is so important. 


High School Students - 

Cover a case from the Innocent Project with the students. Go over their thoughts on this. How would it feel to be sent to prison for something you didn’t do? What would you do to speak up for yourself?


Research their schools detention policy. Decide if these rules are fair, if they’re easily enforced and can be done so well. Look at if and how these rules can be improved. Compile suggestions and submit them to the school. 

Important Note

Resist the temptation to play all 30 human rights videos at this point. Save those for each meeting that follows. Carry out the activities and let your students’ own visions of the 30 human rights materialize as the lessons unfold, one at a time.


We would love feedback on your first week and to see pictures of your group participating in these activities! Please submit to us below:


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How did your meeting/activities go for this human right?

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