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Human Right Number Seven

We’re All Equal Before the Law

The law is the same for everyone. It must treat us all fairly.

Discussion Topics

Imagine someone was accused of doing something wrong and there was no trial, but instead of the person being tried and found guilty and jailed they were just put in jail because someone said:


“They did it.”


“They were acting strangely.”


“They deserve it.”


Ask the students for examples they have heard about, seen in movies or on TV or read in books or articles. 


Have the students write down as many laws as they know. Discuss why they were made laws and how they help protect the land.


Put on two skits. The first will be to create a scene with an unfair trial that violates the defendant’s rights. The second will be to create a trial that is fair and which applies the human rights just studied. Start with the fair trial and end with the scene that shows a fair trial.


*Note, please make sure the students understand any legal terms being discussed. A list is below that covers these.


Defendant - one who is defending himself because he has been accused of doing something wrong. 


Detained - kept from going; held back; delayed. Example: The man wanted to know why he was detained. 


Fair - honest, according to what is right, following the rules; not based on prejudice or meanness. Example: The coach made a fair decision in choosing the winner. 


Innocent - blameless; free from guilt or wrong; not doing harm. Example: The boy was innocent of taking the cookies.


Law - a system of rules made by a government for all the people in a town, state or country. Example: the law used to be made by kings and queens; now it is made by people who are elected. 


Rights - things you are legally allowed to have or freedoms to be, do or have something. Example: Rights are very precious because they provide each person with a chance to do well in life.


Trial - the examination of evidence and law to decide a case brought to court. Example: The trial is about to begin. 

Important Note

Resist the temptation to play all 30 human rights videos at this point. Save those for each meeting that follows. Carry out the activities and let your students’ own visions of the 30 human rights materialize as the lessons unfold, one at a time.


We would love feedback on your first week and to see pictures of your group participating in these activities! Please submit to us below:


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How did your meeting/activities go for this human right?

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