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Human Right Number Eighteen

Freedom of Thought

We all have the right to believe in what we want to believe, to have a religion, or to change it if we want.

Discussion Topics

Ask the students what this means to them.


Talk about how they can respect other peoples Freedom of Thought.


Tell the students:


Some people making up their minds by finding out the facts or asking questions to obtain truthful information.


Some people make up their minds by observing.


Some people don’t really make up their own minds. Instead they give in to pressure from someone else, even though they don’t feel good about it.


If someone asked you to make up your mind about doing something or not, how would you make up your mind? 


*Go over the items gathered over the previous week for the toy/clothing drive. Try to get pictures of you donating them to show the students the product they got! 


Have them suggest ideas on things and activities to do in the club. Keep note of these and pick a few to incorporate!


*Let the students know their next meeting will include a Show and Tell. Have them come prepared with something to show in the next meeting. 


*Another option for the next weeks activity is a Talent Show. Decide which you will do and let the students know ahead of time which one to prepare for.

Important Note

Resist the temptation to play all 30 human rights videos at this point. Save those for each meeting that follows. Carry out the activities and let your students’ own visions of the 30 human rights materialize as the lessons unfold, one at a time.


We would love feedback on your first week and to see pictures of your group participating in these activities! Please submit to us below:


Right #

How did your meeting/activities go for this human right?

Upload a picture

Thank you for your feedback!

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