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Human Right Number Fourteen

The Right to Seek a Safe Place to Live

If we are frightened of being badly treated in our own country, we all have the right to run away to another country to be safe.

Discussion Topics

How can you create a safe place where you are? What things can you do to make school a safe place for yourself and others to be?


Creating a safe place includes keeping it clean. Do a cleanup around the school/ a local neighborhood. Go out for half an hour to an hour with trash bags and collect as much trash as possible. Give a prize to the person who collects the most. 

Important Note

Resist the temptation to play all 30 human rights videos at this point. Save those for each meeting that follows. Carry out the activities and let your students’ own visions of the 30 human rights materialize as the lessons unfold, one at a time.


We would love feedback on your first week and to see pictures of your group participating in these activities! Please submit to us below:


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How did your meeting/activities go for this human right?

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