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Human Right Number Eleven

We’re Always Innocent Till Proven Guilty

Nobody should be blamed for doing something until it is proven. When people say we did a bad thing we have the right to show it is not true.

Discussion Topics

Presentation of the students interviews from previous week: The Right To Trial.


Has anyone ever said you did something when you didn’t do it? Discuss how hard it can be to prove you DIDN’T do something, especially when people are assuming you are guilty. 


Discuss how each persons case could have been handled in a more fair manner. Go over how each person can use this right in their life going forward.


Have the members find examples of times in history this has been violated and write a short essay on what they found. Example: the Salem Witch Trials.

Important Note

Resist the temptation to play all 30 human rights videos at this point. Save those for each meeting that follows. Carry out the activities and let your students’ own visions of the 30 human rights materialize as the lessons unfold, one at a time.


We would love feedback on your first week and to see pictures of your group participating in these activities! Please submit to us below:


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How did your meeting/activities go for this human right?

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