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Are you going to be the faculty sponsor for the Human Rights Club? If not, or if there is a co-sponsor, please list the name(s), email(s) and phone number(s) for anyone who will be in charge:

Is it ok if we contact the kids on the list we'll be emailing directly (we may need help confirming email addresses)? If not, may we send information to you to forward to that specific group of kids?

We are planning on sending weekly updates and suggestions of topics the club can participate in. Would you like that to go to only you? To you and the kids? To anyone else?

Youth for Human Rights, our partner in this effort, has an annual summit at the United Nations in New York City. Kids travel from all over the world to participate. Would you like more info about this so that some or all of your Human Rights Club members might attend?

You should have received a Youth for Human Rights banner when we visited the school. This banner can be used during club activities, for photos, and to foster a sense of the group. 

We will also be sending a set of 6 T-shirts along to you to use as prizes or rewards for the kids who are the most active in the group.

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